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DOWNLOAD Vamadeva's Collection of Kirtan Songbooks and Chordbooks...

Download any and all of Vamadeva's Kirtan Songbooks from this free collection of the Bhajan Chants. we sing at Kirtan.

I began my collection of chants during my first trip to India 35 years ago, and I'm happy to share them with you now. May they bless you on your path as they have done so for me....

For the musician wallas out there, words, translations, and free chordbooks are here. These songs are taken directly from my four Kirtan CDs.


Download Chordbooks - Grouped by Diety


Hanuman - Ram -Sita

Radha - Krishna


Ma Devi

Eastern Traditional

Western Chants

Pujas - Devotional

Download this complete Kirtan Chord Book - 2010



Learning To Play Chants - Getting Started
These chord books follow the 4 Free CDs I have published on the CDs page.
Download these free MP3s and follow along with the Chordbook. Note: the guitar tuning is at my harmonium pitch of 444 Hz.

TimelessMother CD - Chordbook

Songs To Radha ~ Krishna CD - Chordbook

Songs To Maha Devi CD - Chordbook

Songs To Hhanuman CD - Chordbook

Heart Of Ecstasy - Chordbook