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SRI yantraLots of you ask where you can get more information about Kirtan, the Gods and Goddesses we sing to, and Pictures and Paintings of the Dieties. Here's a list of websites that I've come across in the past that directly relate to kirtan, and divine devotion. All of them have lots of information and pictures.

Exploring these websites is a spiritual adventure in itself. Remember that the Dieties live within your heart and soul as your own guide, and they want to take you deeper. They are not particular to India or Hinduism - that is just the doorway they seem to come through into this world. They appear where they are called.

They ALL come alive at the utterance of their names which is their calling seed mantra, or through sight upon the seeing of their forms!

The websites usually have a "Links" page that will direct you further into the labryinth of universes of these Gods and Goddesses. Enjoy, and let me know what you come across! It seems there are new sites and additions every day, so another good approach is to Google on something you want to know about - "Shiva Shakti Krishna Kali Ram Hanuman Kirtan Bhajan" should bring up pages of links!

Be sure and check out my shrine pages, too.

jai ma!


We rely on input to keep this list current. Please email us any changes or additions to consider.

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