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Vamadeva leads ecstatic kirtan chants in a style that is inviting for everyone to join in. Interweaving stories/meanings of the mantras and deities; even those new to Kirtan are easily and quickly engaged in the blissful experience of Bhakti Yoga.


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Much of my chanting has been recorded and can be streamed for free right within this site. Chordboks are availabe for download also - for all the CDs, and a master chantbook is free for downloading of all the chants I've collected over the past 40 years.

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Download any and all of Vamadeva's Kirtan songbooks from this free collection of the Bhajan Chants we sing at Kirtan.


Singing Kirtan has been a lifelong journey. I first chanted Kirtan at an ashram on Long Island, New York, in 1972. Sixteen years old, I followed along with no written words, picking up the chants by ear. It was completely weird. Yet, after a while, merging with the flow of the songs and the one flow of the group, I suddenly felt home—doing the right thing, something familiar and completely satisfying. I began to sink into a peace I had never felt before. Read more about me here.

With greatest reverence and humility at the feet of my Guru Mother, and Parama Guru.

– Jai Ma!